Monday, September 15, 2014

Something Never Seen Before

What are we happier to work on than anything else?

Something new.

Something customized.

Something never seen before.

Of everything we've made, and all that we will continue to make for our customers and family, the things that bring us the most joy are those that are truly unique, made from conversations we've shared with the gift giver. What makes someone special? What are their hobbies? Who are they really? These are the questions we love to ask. Using this information, we'll work with you to create something new. Something that reflects the recipient in a way an off-the-shelf gift just can't do. Something never seen before. This is about the ones we love. Don't they deserve it? 

These questions led us to creating the double heart plaque, a beautiful piece of wood commissioned by one of our customers for his anniversary. His wife had never seen anything like it before because it never existed before