Sunday, January 5, 2014

So, What Is It You Actually DO?

Yesterday, we went to a holiday party.  Yes, the last one of the season, as far as I know.  One of the first people I ran into was Aunt Jo-Ann, who is one of the many supporters of our business.  But Aunt Jo-Ann had a very important question.  She has been following our Facebook posts and blogs (I'm sure she's reading this one right now, actually), but there is one question that stood out in her mind.  She asked me, "So, what it is you sell?  What is it you actually DO?"  She wanted to see our actual product on, not just a "coming soon" page.  Between all of the blog entries and pictures of one-time projects, maybe we haven't been very clear to you what it is we're actually going to be doing here.  Maybe we should address that!