Sunday, October 27, 2013

On a Mission

So, who really cares about a mission statement?   Does anyone actually read them?  Who writes such pointless fodder which just takes up space on paper?  That’s what I used to think, until it hit me.   Mission Statements are the very soul of a good company!  Every important decision, every interaction, whether it be between business owner and customer, or employee to employee, every product, every innovation should all be reflective of the soul upon which the company was founded.  As Jerry and I work to form our new company, we anticipate with excitement a vision which defines how we will conduct business, and it is merely an extension of the people we have always been and always hope to be. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Advice From An Expert On LIFE!

If you had the chance to ask an “Expert on Life” for advice, what would you ask them?  I am lucky enough to have had that chance.

I’ve read that it takes 10,000 hour of doing something to become an expert at it.  I’m not sure if that’s 100% accurate or not, but it’ll work for the sake of this blog.  Anyway, if you calculate that out, 10,000 hours equals 250 weeks of working a 40 hour per week job.  That means you can become an expert at your job in five years while still taking two weeks per year for vacation.  Not bad, huh? 

Let’s put that into perspective.  If you answer the phone for a customer service job, you will have mastered all you need to handle standard and even rare issues.  Sounds pretty accurate, accepting a bit of flexibility for product changes, new technology, etc.  If you fix computer systems, you can definitely master it and become an expert in five years.  But what about just plain living?