Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello from the other half!

Hi fellow bloggers (and bloggees!) and welcome to our blogspot. You may have been following Jerry's posts about our exciting new venture and I figured it was high time to say hello. I'm the Andrea half, business partner, and more(!) although to be quite honest, Jerry has done much more than half to begin launching our dream of starting our own business. You see, he's a really good guy, and we both understand that sometimes you give 100 percent, but often it's more like 150 percent.  And as I’m sure you all can relate to, life is crazy.

Just to let you know a little about me, in case you were wondering.  I have teenage children.  The end.  No, no, no, just kidding, not about the teen part, but about the end.  I also have younger stepchildren.  Together, Jerry and I have four, and sometimes, when you add friends into the mix, it gets a little hectic, which you may also relate to.  More about those nutty kids later.  I’m also a nurse, and currently work at a very large school with a special needs population, which keeps me on my toes (and knees, and hands, and even back sometimes when those wheelchairs need to be adjusted).  Although I do complain about the pace, tiredness, and generally get cranky at times, I’m actually just really lucky to have the opportunity to be around so many people.  Human interaction is, I believe, a basic need.

Jerry and I really like people.  That’s not to say we don’t get annoyed when we get cut off the road, or watch some reality TV featuring phony types.  But we really like to talk to people, ask lots of questions, and find commonalities.  I find myself saying “don’t I know you from somewhere?” way too often, but it does lead to the feeling that, although the Earth is a big place, we have many connections.  Jerry likes to talk too.  He’s actually more likely to engage someone in conversation than I am, but I secretly like when he does that, and I wish I had the guts to do it more often.  At the risk of sounding “stalkerish” I will even reveal to you that one of our favorite things to do is people watch.  We love to just sit on the boardwalk, or a park bench, and watch people and their interactions.  We really like to make up stories about their lives.  For example:  “That guy won the lottery five years ago.  He gave half of his fortune to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization because they were crucial to him as a kid.  He was also able to quit his day job and become a full-time “big brother.”  We know NOTHING about the guy’s life, but it is fun to imagine. 

So, what’s this all have to do with business?  Everything!  Jerry and I spent lots of our lives NOT together, only recently getting married at the ripe old age of nearly 40, yikes!  We were both married before, but it’s just the realization of knowing that this person is THE person, the one who you should have been with long before, the one who just “fits.”  The combination of love, and friendship, and life experience has taught us that we can do this.  We can dream, and create, and plan, and pursue, and start this business together.  Right now, we’re just in the beginning stages, reading and understanding.  We’re in the research phase, if you will.  And it’s quite an education.  Writing a business plan?  Market research?  Well, it all sounds like foreign terms to this nurse, but as I educate myself, I can relate it to nursing (and life).  Business plan = individual healthcare plan = organizing dinner around the kid’s activities = running the carpool, in essence.  Market research = finding the safest car seat = finding healthy AND kid-friendly recipes = helping my teenage daughter find her first “real” job besides babysitting.  I hope that makes sense, but what I’m really just trying to say is that these steps have already been a part of our lives for a long time. 

If you have gotten this far without falling asleep, I thank you!  I hope to continue blogging this journey with all of you.  Please feel free to give your feedback as we are eager to hear from you.  Thanks again!  Andrea

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