Monday, April 30, 2012

In the beginning, there was an idea…

So what is it we’re trying to accomplish here, you ask?  Our vision is simple.  Create customized and personalized gifts.  There are a million places on the net where you can get something for an anniversary present for your great grandparents.  You can even go to Things Remembered and get them a picture frame with their names and the anniversary date on it.  That’s pretty cool, and they very well may love it.  But how do you take it one step further?
Our vision is to create gifts that are truly unique.  Yes, we do understand that a big part of this business is going to be to incorporate the traditional gifts people are used to, specifically including the picture frame mentioned above.  But what about if the contents of that picture frame was not just an 8x10 glossy of the couple’s wedding picture.  What if the picture itself was engraved into the medium that comprised the frame?  Instead of having an off-the shelf frame with a name engraved into it, the present would be a truly unique project, custom made for that individual recipient.  That’s the idea.
Picture frames are one of an infinite number of possibilities.  They are common, and even this blog entry has not yet discussed anything Earth-shattering or unique.  Yes, you can already order projects like this at a variety of online and retail locations.  So where is the uniqueness in this project?  It’s in the design.  What else can be customized to provide a truly unique gift?  How does one design something that really is for the person who has everything?  We’re working on those designs right now.  I’m obviously not going to give away our unique design ideas this early on! (Sorry!)  But while we are learning the ins and outs of the engraving process, writing a business plan, evaluating accounting software and researching marketing possibilities, we’re also putting a lot of thought and effort into our actual product line.  Because you can have the best accounting software in the world, and the best engraving equipment on the market, but if you don’t have something that people want, your business will go nowhere.
This is the start of a process to get our business off the ground.  Thanks for reading.  I’d love it if you would leave some feedback or advice.  As we go through what we expect to be a busy, crazy, hectic and fun time in our lives, Andrea and I will be keeping you posted on how we’re doing, what we are working on, decisions we’ve made, etc.  And we’ll always want your input, because we hope you can become a customer, and your ideas are important to us.

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